Updated: Feb 13, 2020

You know what a lot of us are guilty of and need to work on this year? Including myself....

Shelf Development 😅😅😅

That means:

- Buying educational courses and not doing anything with them.

- Literally having amazing books and not reading them or worse... Starting them and never finishing them.

- Procrastinating on shit you know you need to do.

You're not gonna develop a damn thing by leaving the stuff on the shelf collecting dust!

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This is Me:

w/ Flawless RI (@flawlessri) Caleb Colossus (@calebcolossus) & Troyman @troymanofficial 📍at studio lounge in Providence RI

See how happy I am for my boy!? Celebrating Life and accomplishments as well as giving back to the community by having a toy drive. With the release of his new project “every second matters” available now, I’ve come to realize that every second truly does matter. Like literally... so spend them with people who empower you! Who encourage you to do great things and who are with you through the difficult and the good times! Keep doing your thing my brother! You a king! Only up from here! Let the numbers RISE in your favor!




Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕

Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕

Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕



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By: Carlos Ariel Then

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