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Free Resources 

Below is a list of resources provided by the topic that I've used to quite literally Learn drop the L and Earn. I do not own any of these videos or products, I do get commissions for purchases made through some of the links on this page. But provide honest reviews for each item and video below. Please watch them and if you have a question you should always consult a professional. I am not responsible for any misinformation you receive from the world wide web. 

Personal Finance

1. Better Money Habits - By Bank of America and Khan Academy

This website literally has all the subjects that will help you increase your financial aptitude. Use it wisely and make use of all the resources they provide.

2. Thirty Free E-Books on Personal Finance - By the various sources.

I've compiled a multitude of e-books here and put them in order for your convenience. All these e-books are free and should remain free. #payitforward


Options - By the various youtube sources.

Watching these videos in order has allowed me to gain so much knowledge in investing.

Learn What Options Are

Stock Options Trading 101

Calls vs Puts

Options on Robinhood

Iron Condor

Long Vertical Spread must watch

Credit Spreads

Generating Income

Buying vs Selling Options

Options Greeks

Good Indicators I Use

Slow stochastic, MACD, RSI, Bollinger bands. 

Options Calculator 


Bollinger Bands


Support & Resistance

Trading Floor
Options Strategies

Bullish/Going Up

If your directional assumption is bullish on the stock's direction

High IV

Low IV


If your directional assumption is neutral on the stock's direction

Low IV



Sometimes the best trade is NO trade at all. If IV is low and you are neutral on the stock then your best option is to "pass" on this trade and move onto another trade.

High IV

Bearish/Going Down

If your directional assumption is bearish on the stock's direction

High IV

Step #1 Market Assumption

The first step to finding the right strategy is to figure out what your market assumption of the stock is; are you bullish, bearish, or neutral?

Step #2 Implied Volatility

The next step is to find the current level of IV and determine the current IV rank percentile. Is volatility above or below the 50th percentile? 

Step #3 Choose Strategy

The final step is to choose a strategy from the grids above that fits that particular stock situation and your personal portfolio. 

Low IV


1. Monitoring your Credit -There are a few different monitoring agencies I like that will give you your credit report as well as your vantage score. This will allow you to "diagnose" yourself and get a feel for where you need to improve. You can also get your CREDIT REPORT for FREE once per year from

Build Credit Score w_ Mr. Then

2. Experian Blog - The internet is a marvelous thing, one of my favorite blogs on how to improve your credit is actually Experians they have a ton of useful information that can help you improve your credit.

3. Credit Blog - The credit blog is by far one of the best although they do recommend Lexington law as a credit repair provider they have a ton of useful tips on how to repair your credit yourself.

4. Credit Builder Credit Card - This secured credit card reports to all three major credit bureaus, which believe it or not... Not all of them do! It costs the company money to report to each bureau. This card has a deposit required but it doesn't require a credit score to be approved.

5. Self Lender - Build credit history & save money. No credit? Need to build credit? No problem. They allow you to put money into an account that's similar to savings and get payment history from it like you would a loan. They take interest and some fees. but that's all.

6. Credit Karma - Credit Karma is Great! They have a ton of useful information and provide you with two of the three bureaus and even the ability to dispute things. DO PLEASE READ THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS HOWEVER ON DISPUTING THINGS ONLINE. It's better, in my opinion, to always use snail mail.

7. Your Bad Credit Card - This is a super useful website I stumbled upon that has an article about how to Clear your Credit History. It mentions some useful tips and should definitely be something you take a look at.

8. The Penny Hoarder - I Love this site for all things financial but this article right here is a GEM for when it comes to bumping up your credit score. It provides a ton of useful information on how you can get 200 points of an increase without paying a dime.

9. Manufactured Spending - This right here is some next level advanced credit card techniques that are a bit of a gray area when it comes to making money off of the points you earn on your cards. Check this out at your own desire.

10. Credit Strong- This is another great way to build up your credit for as little as $15 per month. The way it works is that it lets you save by taking out a loan and paying it back. So it's kind of like giving yourself a loan essentially. At the end, you pay the interest that was "earned" to the company and you keep the saved amount. 

11. Credit Bee - Wanna do it like the pros but don't want to pay so much? Well, I've found the perfect solution! I'm all about transparency so I've partnered with Credit Bee to provide you with a do it yourself approach that provides automation that the pros have.

$39 / per month

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Below are some advertisements, when you click them I am paid as an affiliate if you sign up. This is the nature of the BEAST. Nothing is TRULY FREE. Credit Karma sells your information, Youtube shows you ads, etc. So if you see something you like below click it.

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