New FICO 10 and how it will affect your current score

FICO 10 and FICO 10 T

The run down:

People with already high scores will likely have higher scores on new FICO.

People with already low scores will likely score lower on new FICO.

Paying on time is even more important.

Having delinquent accounts is even more damaging.

Having personal loans is not looked at as beneficial and actually implies more risk than previously. (Still better sometimes to consolidate high credit card rates)

Utilization has a bigger impact, they really just want you to pay it down and on time.

They can now look at trends within particular time frame which gives them a better picture of current financial situation and can negatively impact applications.

This is supposed to help them better analyze risk so that their customers... The banks, can make (more money on interest) better financial decisions.

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