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I woke up this morning so appreciative of life. So appreciative of the things that are worth seeing and so upset about the people who don’t live long enough to experience the length of it. One of my favorite sayings is “Live Long and Prosper” by the renowned “Spock”. It’s kind of funny, for an imaginary race that’s so caught up in being unemotional... that’s something extremely kind to say to someone. I truly believe that every human being should be allowed to live long and prosper. For however long that may be. We are all worth having a happy life before we elevate. The one thing none of us are promised is a long or a healthy life. A prosperous life. But to wish that upon others is the ultimate blessing, because it’s really the one thing all of us want and deserve. Today on this beautiful sunday I want you to pray for your friends battling depression, I want you to pray for your family members going through cancer, I want you to pray for the strangers who are stuck in poverty. Because even though there’s no cure for some of the things we are battling in life, it doesn’t mean we have to battle them alone, or live with them forever. Choose to see the light or better yet be the light in the darkness that exists... because there’s so much more beauty to life...

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