History repeats itself 1920’s wear a mask 😷 or go to jail photo

History repeats itself...

“Wear a Mask or go to Jail.“😷

This is a photo from the 1920’s

1. Wear a mask if you have one, if not make one. 😷

Reason: If you’re sick your less likely to spread the virus if you’re retaining it within the mask. If it’s in the air for however long it lasts you are less likely to inhale it.

2. Wear gloves if you can 🧤

Reason: If you have gloves on and you touch a surface that the virus can live a long time on. (Metal, Plastic, etc.) the virus gets on the gloves you can take the gloves off and dispose of them. It will also keep you from getting it underneath your nails.

3. Wear glasses or goggles 🤓

Reason: The virus can stay in the air for about 3 hours supposedly, so you don’t want to be walking about getting this by walking around that’s why it spreads so quickly.

4. Remove your clothing when you reach a clean area 🧼

Reason: Being in an area that has been exposed to the virus means it’s likely on your clothing, don’t go and spread it to your couch, your bed or your family after taking all the other precautions.

5. Bathe & Wash your hands frequently. 🧽

Reason: The virus is made up of fat, the soap helps break down its protection and eliminate it.

6. Avoid large groups 👥

Reason: At this point, with the rate at which the virus is spreading you have to assume you’ll be exposed at any gathering. Although being exposed doesn’t mean you’ll be infected as long as you’re doing the above. It does put you at greater risk.

7. Educate yourself 📚

Reason: I’m no expert, this is new to the world, it’s new to me and it’s new to you. I believe that the more information you have the better you can protect yourself and your family. Call it fake news, call it facts. All I know is that the more I know, the better I can protect myself. Consider doing the same.

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