Does caffeine give you energy!?

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I’m not a fan of coffee, but man oh man does that look good. You know it’s funny, a lot of people can’t start their day without it. They get caffeinated and boom all of a sudden they feel energized. Ready to conquer the world. Imagine if you could do that without having to rely on an external source. I recently started meditating thanks to some of my friends I met in LA, and it’s done just that for me. Lol and yes I have to admit they are light years ahead of most of the USA. Imagine that...Now then, I’m not quite ready to go full vegan but the food itself was delicious, flavorful and healthy of course. I believe that everything in excess is bad for you, we should limit our vices as much as possible. But as Kanye once said, bad things make you feel good. Or something like that lol. Nonetheless my point is this... you don’t have to be perfect... but be better... always work towards a better version of yourself. You deserve it.

I’m giving away a FREE Credit Consultation to someone in need. Someone who’s had a vice and has or is battling with it still. DM’s me the word “BETTER” and tell me your story.

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