Balance in Life

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

This is Me:

📍Mt. Monadnock NH

Two roads Diverged in Wood, and I took the one less traveled by. That's what has made the difference in my Life.

What's made a difference in yours?

Do you believe in balance? I don’t. Here’s what I learned.... There is no real “balance” in life. You take from one place to put in another... Especially as an altruistic entrepreneur, creator, healer, or artist.

What we’re looking to activate in our lives is HARMONY more so, not balance.

Harmony is when you are completely aligned with the life you have manifested. It all starts with alignment.

When your beliefs, actions, and character are all aligned you are living an authentic life of “balance” because you are always in FLOW STATE.

Flow state is when you are completely present and focused on the moment in front of you.

You are always conscious of your behavior, your choices and your energy.

You listen to your body, your heart, your spirit, your intuition.

You don’t overthink, or procrastinate, or make decisions based on emotions or ego... you make your daily decisions based off your values.

Every day is a new symphony for me. I’m the conductor. All the instruments are within me and around me.

and so it is for you. ·


Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕

Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕

Follow @mr_then for my journey 🍕



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