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Purchase Debt Breaker - Excel (Windows Only)

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  • Monthly Budget Calculator

Calculate your monthly and weekly income.

Calculate fixed, variable, and occasional expenses.

Calculate monthly debt payments.

Calculate monthly savings.

Find out what you're left with after everything is calculated.

Determine savings and debt rations.

See how you're doing overall, with savings and with debt.

  • Debt Breaking Calculator

Insert Debt/Creditor name and info to determine total interest paid.

Automatically calculate Months to pay off debt or pay down to the desired level of utilization.

Use built-in strategies to save money on interest and get out of debt faster.

Add additional "Breakers" or extra payments to see how added payments can help you reduce debt faster.

Get useful tips to pay down debt.

The option of using "Priority First" to pay down the debt you want to first.

  • Time Management Calculator

Insert start and end work times.

Automatically calculate weekly and monthly pay totals.

Insert hourly and overtime rates.

Keep track of work schedule and be in the know on how much you earn.

credit score.PNG
your tips.PNG
  • Credit Score Calculator and Simulator (Vantage Score 3.0)

Enter personal credit profile factors to calculate the Credit Score Estimate.

Get useful tips to help increase the overall Credit Score.

See "Your Tips" to see how things may positively or negatively affect your score.

If you find Debt Breaker good enough to be useful for your personal or business use, you might want to purchase the registered version.

The registered user gets the following advantages:

  • Trial nag window removal.

  • Access to Full Debt Breaker Excel Workbook past 30 days.

  • Priority technical support via e-mail.

  • You may save as many workbooks as you want.

  • All version updates and technical support are free during the maintenance period.

Within 24-48 hours, you will receive the registration file and instructions through an e-mail to unlock the full version of Debt Breaker.

At the time of registration you will need to fill out your ‘Computer ID’. You can find the computer id when you first run the program.


Debt Breaker License Price per unit in US Dollar Amounts

Evaluation License (FREE 30 day Trial)

Consumer License $97

Small Business License $247 

Business PRO License (one year) $147

Business PRO Licenses (one year) for 2 or more computers $197


Please have a look at the table of the product’s main features available to each license to find the differences between the licenses and find the license that best suits your needs.

The prices below are for businesses that have purchased the above licenses. Please do not order any license maintenance renewal if you were not registered with a Business PRO or Small Business license from the options above. This does not need to be purchased until after your first year of service for renewal of the license.


Debt Breaker License Maintenance Renewal per unit in US Dollar Amounts

Maintenance renewal for Consumer License N/A

Maintenance renewal for Small Business License $65 per year


Maintenance renewal for Business Pro License $85 per year

Use this Button to UnSubscribe from Annual Renewal for Debt Breaker

Use this Button to UnSubscribe from Annual Renewal for Debt Breaker


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