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Want to Earn Money as an Affiliate? 

Find out more today!


Over the years we have relied almost exclusively on our affiliates for virtually all our business. This symbiotic relationship is a perfect marriage because we really do need each other. 

Our affiliates close more deals, make more money, and enhance relationships by sending us their credit-challenged clients. We provide free consultations to anyone you send us if they enroll; you track their progress – close the deal and earn a healthy commission. It is really that simple. 
It is a Perfect Match! 
Real Estate Agents/Professionals - Mortgage Brokers - Auto Dealerships - Tax Professionals Salespeople - Call Centers - Advertising Guru’s - Financial Services Companies Business Brokers - Banks - Credit Unions – Guerilla Marketers - Insurance Pro’s & More! 
The bottom line is if you regularly interact with consumers, businesses, or work in an occupation that interacts with potential candidates for our programs; this can be very lucrative with very little effort on your part. A perfect fit for just about anyone that either depends on or has clients that need improvement with their credit. Becoming an affiliate is FREE and we are here to help. 
Credit Repair Affiliate Program 
Opportunity #1 Earn a commission on every client you refer to our Personal Credit Restoration Division. Send us your denied applicants and our Credit Specialists will provide a free credit analysis and consultation. Clients you send us that enroll in our Consumer Credit Restoration Program will earn you at least $30 per client depending on the volume of enrollees in any calendar month.

• Easy Referral Submit Form  

• Monthly Reporting  

• Earn $30 per Sale  

• Paid each month

• Sending Referrals – Use your affiliate portal 

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